Development on version 2.x (Black Sea Merge)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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15 Dec 2019 07:28

Thanks for the heads up. At least you guys are communicating about the development of your mod. Well done. Take your time, because we only expect the best of you. 😜

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15 Dec 2019 09:41

I can’t wait. I hope you will include new highway A4 section between Niš and Bułgarian border
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15 Dec 2019 10:33


What are you plans regarding Promods cities, which you have in the Promods version of the countries of new DLC ? For example, Vidin, Montana, Sibiu..
Do you plan to add them to merged version of Promods of you will just remove all cities in Romania and Bulgaria, which are not represented in RTTBS DLC ?

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15 Dec 2019 10:43

We will merge them where possible
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15 Dec 2019 10:54

Wow awesome news :D

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15 Dec 2019 11:00

As others have stated, don't forget border crossing between Plovdiv and Greece. It will be insane to have only one border between Bulgaria and Greece.

Regarding mergers, I see Montana being put back in, since a lot of it is already in the game as a scenic town.

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15 Dec 2019 13:19

Shiva wrote:
15 Dec 2019 04:38
Alexandroupolis to Keşan, Edirne. "1". I do think that the map does not show all the work needed in that area.
We already build the road up until Alexandroupolis, hence why adding a border here is relatively easy.
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15 Dec 2019 13:29

It seems that the next DLC must not be the western Balkans.

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15 Dec 2019 13:33

I hope scs annouces the next dlc as soon as possible, so that promods can work on other areas while scs makes the dlc. will northern romania and southern bulgaria be made in promods 2.50?

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15 Dec 2019 14:05

hello guys
about connecting Bulgaria with Greece there are two border crossings
The first one is called Προμαχώνας (Promachonas) and it is the road E79 that connects Σέρρες (Serres) with Sandanski (Сандански) , Blagoevgrad (Благоевград) and capital Sofia
The second one is called Εξοχή or Κάτω Νευροκόπι (Eksoxi or Kato Neurokopi) which connects Drama (Δράμα) with Bansko

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