Development on version 2.x (Black Sea Merge)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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10 Feb 2020 16:48

ok thnaks and when aproximatly new update coming out?
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10 Feb 2020 16:49

when it's ready, there is no release date.
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15 Feb 2020 10:37

Hadi588 wrote:
10 Feb 2020 14:42
Each time I have to pay 1.11 Euro to download newer version of Promods or just once?
Remember that you do not need to pay. I just want people enjoying this map so please download it for free if you are not willing to pay
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15 Feb 2020 11:49

How is merge progress going on? What areas are completed and what areas still need some more work?
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16 Feb 2020 14:58

The devs will show something, if there is something to look at.
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16 Feb 2020 19:40

ETS 1.37 will be coming out soon. Will ProMods 2.45 be compatible with that version? They said that the 1.37 will consist of rebuilding some French cities from the base game.

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16 Feb 2020 20:34

I guess this won't prevent a new version from loading properly as 3rd party maps are in a higher priority in the Mod Manager. But I guess the devs knows best, maybe they'll explain it. :lol:


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19 Feb 2020 11:03

I think Sliven, Bulgaria will be a good city to be added, its touching Stara Planina (Old Mountain) and has one of the most beautiful views.Image It's the 8th largest city in Bulgaria. Has some wide roads perfect for ETS. Image. Many roads in the mountain and more stunning sights. Image. Has no highways nearby except the Yambol to Sofia highway 30km away. I think it should be added because this side of Bulgaria is almost empty. Almost all roads are curved like that and it's great to drive there Image

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20 Feb 2020 11:50

Sliven would probably fit, albeit with some sacrifices. I actually think there is a crossed out sign that points towards it. In order to add it though, you'd need to have the entire Podbalkanski route mapped out (Pirdop - Karlovo - Burgas).

I would personally like to see Silistra being added as there is even more room for it and the possibility of having a ferry connection to Calarash.

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20 Feb 2020 13:57

Thanks for the explanation. Good work.

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