Development on version 2.x (Black Sea Merge)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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08 Apr 2020 00:51

Asaaj6 wrote:
07 Apr 2020 12:58
I take personal offence to this comment. There has never been any arrogance displayed by ProMods or anybody as part of the team.

When we say "it's ready when it's ready" we don't mean to be arrogant, it's just the reality. We cannot make pigs fly. It's impossible to tell when a release is ready because it is a work-in-progress that is always developing.
A release will be distributed when all critical problems are solved. Sometimes this takes days, sometimes it takes weeks or months. All that you can do as a fan is wait patiently and appreciate the work that is been done by a group of volunteers... please remember we are not a company.
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08 Apr 2020 01:03

People seem to forget ProMods do the majority of work for free, I've always been paying for a download ever since day dot to help these guys in their wonderful work. ETS2 mapping isn't easy and these guys have done an amazing job.

It's people complaining like this which make modding a nightmare and it's mainly why modders seem to give up because they are sick of the constant when is it ready? Is it ready yet? How long until release?

Would you rather have a broken map that you've potentially paid your $1.00 for and have to download multiple fixes or would you rather have a flawlessly drive able map with no issues at all? Give them all the time they need, as ScuL said, it's ready when it's ready...

Keep up the good work guys & keep safe during these hard times.
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08 Apr 2020 03:11

Patience is the best choice, Don't forget promods is not a for-profit company,It's just a fan club. :roll:

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08 Apr 2020 10:07

Dear guys from ProMods, don't pay attention to such impatient people who constantly demand something. I play on your map since 2015, or even from 2014, and since then constantly waiting for a new version of the map. I really appreciate your work and I would like to say thank you very much for the quality content, thanks to you I travel all over Europe (and not only that) on the truck and get a lot of good emotions. I wish you not to stop there and simply successes in the further development of the map and in your personal life. And I'm waiting because there is something to wait for. You should to know that you give thousands of players great emotions, and I will support you with a paid link when the next wonderful version comes out. Thank you!

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08 Apr 2020 12:20

BreakerTR wrote:
07 Apr 2020 17:13
YvoNafzger wrote:
07 Apr 2020 15:26
I was wondering if there are any plans regarding the development of the Makaza border crossing from Greece to Bulgaria, on the road from Plovdiv to Komotini (for example in 2.5 or later versions)
This area looks empty indeed. But I don't think that border crossing would fit because of scaling reasons.
I'm not sure if I agree on the scaling argument. It looks like it could fit. But hey, I'm no dev :D
Still I wonder what the opinions of the ProMods Mappers are, hence this crossing is part of the Pan-European Corridor System and pretty important regarding the port of Alexandropoulis.
Would building the Makaza crossing be worth the trouble, or not?

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08 Apr 2020 14:12

TBH the "when-it's-ready" release concept is the most efficient one, there's no doubt about that. And it works regardless of whether it's a game, a map mod or a Web application. Not to even mention the YEARS of experience the ProMods team has with using this release model.

EDIT: You guys should say "it's ready when it's deadly" instead.

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09 Apr 2020 02:42

So. Here we are!
2.45 released.
Come on!
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09 Apr 2020 02:52

Finally I can drive from Istanbul to Reykjavik!!

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09 Apr 2020 02:57

of course I use paid download to support you

thank you for this amazing mod!
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09 Apr 2020 03:21

After long waiting, FINALLY it is released!!
Now we need to wait for road connection with Rusmap. lol

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