Development on version 2.x (Black Sea Merge)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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23 Dec 2019 15:49

Vidin and Montana will be part of the merger, right? I mean, Montana is already in the DLC but just a scenic town; and the space for Vidin seems to be somewhat limited.

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23 Dec 2019 17:54

I have a question for the authors, will the connection to the New DLC be version 2.45 or 2.5? I would like something new, something great. I am asking for your understanding.
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24 Dec 2019 00:54

The connections to the new DLC are planned for 2.45 with 2.50 containing much more new content.
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24 Dec 2019 05:10

I drive on new DLC territory. As for Bulgaria. I can see that there is some place for restore Vidin and road 14 to Serbia border.

Montana is already in game as scenery town, maybe you could restore road 1 (to Vratsa)?
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26 Dec 2019 13:09

Hello and firstly congrats for such a cool map. I wanted to ask if there are going to be some cities on A4 E80 in Serbia like "Pirot" or "Dimitrovgrad". And is there going to be a new piece of the highway between Bancarevo and Crvena Reka ( A4 E80)
I think this is the big project and i hope that this isn't too frustrating for the Promods team to create, and it's free so i think everyone should give them time.

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26 Dec 2019 14:03

I think this quistion suits more the Balkans topic. This is only about the DLC merge and it has no Serbia. :)

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26 Dec 2019 14:43

Or he just looked at a really old map. :lol:

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29 Dec 2019 22:19

I'm so gonna donate to download it in a single file when 2.45 releases. I can't wait for it to be finished! :D HYPE
(Maybe I'm even gonna convince my friend to get all dlc's so he can use promods too)

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31 Dec 2019 15:26

Before this year ends, I wanted to share a picture of the border I have been working on for the last weeks:


Any guesses?

See you guys next year!
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31 Dec 2019 15:38

this is a kipi border crossing point between Alexandropolis and Kesan

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