Development on version 2.x (Italy Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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27 Aug 2016 00:04

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27 Aug 2016 08:07

realdeal350 wrote:
Martinus Kundla wrote:FPS or Italy? FPS or Italy?...

I'm really struggling to make a choice here :P
I get the same amount of FPS in places like Hamburg, Munich etc..
I've got a 7 year old GPU aswell though. Those railings you used on the motorway have always freaked my FPS out.
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02 Sep 2016 17:17

I've got a r9 280 dual X oC version 3 GB, and in the city i can't go upper than 30 fps, getting also 15....DAMNED

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02 Sep 2016 17:35

I think it's not so muh our systems but more the games limitations. Maybe in the future SCS will further optimize the game so our systems can better handle more and more demanding maps.

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02 Sep 2016 18:41

I would just like them to update to DX11 honestly but they never will because they're afraid of outing the people who are still on windows XP
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10 Sep 2016 15:07

wow proprio bella come sta venendo l'Italia... speriamo l'uscita di altre città

wow just as beautiful as Italy is coming ... hopefully the release of other cities
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10 Sep 2016 20:51

Everything in ProMods just keeps looking better and better! :D

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12 Sep 2016 07:36

Trieste is almost done :)

Now I have to work on optimization ;)
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12 Sep 2016 07:47

It looks really nice.
I hope after the complition of Trieste we can see more from Rijeka/ Koper area and the most beatuful motorway A1 in europe.
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12 Sep 2016 08:04

Very great work in Trieste ;)

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