Development on version 2.x (Italy Edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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01 Apr 2018 17:56

Like the Moderator Volleyball4life always says. It's ready when it's ready!

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05 May 2018 19:38

There is a map showing Liesjärvi National Park from Finland at a Train station in Ancona, Italia. :D

Who is the first one to find it.

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05 May 2018 22:01

@Samujel, I think this is the wrong topic to report bugs like that one. You should post it on the bug report section.

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06 May 2018 00:47

Ok, I know, wrong thread, sort of:
Samujel, I would not be surprised if that was/is an easter egg from SCS.
Maybe a parking/sleeping spot at Liesjärvi National Park in the coming Baltic DLC?
LAFAYET47, not a bug. That is in the Italy DLC area.
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11 May 2018 04:34

Good morning to all. I know the team has a lot of projects in Development currently, but if its ok I would like to ask: do you have planned a rebuild of the Alps region, specifically the Swiss, French, Italian and Austrian part (adding new roads, for example)? Since I love a challenge when driving, I know it would be great to see that in the future versions of the map. Thank you!

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11 May 2018 11:37

Yes, and are there any plans concerning adding Bolzano or Trento in Italy since there is some space left it might fit quite well.
Keep up the good work 8-)

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13 May 2018 03:35

Yes but not now
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14 May 2018 11:25

flori1003 wrote:
11 May 2018 11:37
Yes, and are there any plans concerning adding Bolzano or Trento in Italy since there is some space left it might fit quite well.
Keep up the good work 8-)
Bolzano/Bozen must be added surely, for Trento I don't know if there would be space... :)
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15 May 2018 13:10

Altough I know Trento very well (studied there) I think Bolzano would be a more fitting choice. There is also the big old Lancia factory (now Iveco Defence Vehicles) that could be modeled

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15 May 2018 22:10

Does the dlc version of italy replace the promods or is it the other way around, or does it incorporate the best bits of both? been scratching my head trying to figure it out

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