Development on version 2.x (Autobahn Rebuilding Project)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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13 Jan 2016 21:21

First: You're awesome! I thought I never see anything beautiful and accurate like this in ETS. Really great job you're doing, appreciate it!

But I have a loooot of suggestions. Probalby because I am kinda fanatic about ... streets, signs, traffic lights and stuff :lol:
I will not present all my ideas in this thread because that would be too explosive :P

Let's talk about Hamburg. I lived 16 years in Hamburg (I'm nearly 20 years old). Last year i went to Wedel (Holstein).
That leads me to my first suggestion:

1. HH-Wedel | Wedel
Wedel is not a part of Hamburg (Read more). So please remove the HH- on signs :D

2. Awesome that you have implemented "Neue Elbbrücken" (B4/B75). But i was a little bit disappointed seeing those wide green areas while driving into Hamburg. Actually there is a lot of road stuff.

If you're looking at Google Maps, you'll see that the road splits one intersection behind the bridge: B4 => Centrum to the left & B75 Wandsbek straight forward. I always hope to see a big, unique and realistic junction wich is not that usual ETS2-style. Idk if it is possible to implement this. But I think there is enough room to build this up.

I took some pics today for better explanation:

From BAB 255

From Amsinckstraße/Heidenkampsweg

The middle part between both with bus lanes

I also don't like the standard ETS traffic lights. Nah, that's not completely correct. I wish there is more variety in traffic lights, more differents, more unique styles and structures. I like the new ones with turning arrow :D Same for junctions. Junctions are nearly always the same shit. You already improved that a lot but I think it is possible doing this even better. You also showed that you're able to modify traffic lights. Of course I have no idea how costly that is so you decide what's possible and okay for you ;)

To stay on topic Elbbrücken, here is a traffic light structure I really like, combined with a sign (This is one junction before the B4/B75 split I showed before(This is also what the sign is showing))

Other view

The number of lanes in this junction is 7 by the way (only this direction!). And ETS needs some biiiiig roads ;)

- Only 2 things about BAB1 signs wich are not that important. In Hamburg it is always called "Centrum", not "Zentrum".
- At Dreieck HH-Süd the sign shows HH-Hafen when coming from the east. However Hamburg got a really big "Hafen" and that's why the Hafen itself is never named. Instead the parts are called e.g. Waltershof, Freihafen, Steinwerder, Kleiner Grasbrook .... Notice: HafenCity is not a harbour-area anymore, it is a completely new district with residentials and offices.

I still have a bunch of photos around that Elbbrücken-stuff. Just PM me, if you want to use them for your development.
One thing you should notice: The Google Street View Data in Hamburg is very old. You'll see that when you compare this with my pics. So don't trust it 100% until deviations aren't relevant. You can contact me if you want some shots of areas in Hamburg (No Autobahnen, i don't have a car)

I saw on you're roadmap that you are going to implement Stralsund with the Rügenbrücke. I was born in Stralsund and know nearly everything concerning roads in this area. So don't hesitate to ask me ;) Also Street View isn't available there. Maybe I can take some shots for you. Provided that I have the time to travel.

Finally I got some nice ideas about Rostock. I'll take some shots when I visit my Mum next time :D


[Pasting the images into the text didn't work, so sorry for the links]

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14 Jan 2016 00:05

jamal1992 wrote:i have a question they gonna be in the future ImageAutobahnähnliche Straße/yellow auto bahn 2x2 with yellow signs
It would be awesome to have B6n (maybe in the future promoted to BAB36) but I'm quite sure that there isn't enough space. Although the view on the "Brocken" would be nice :D

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16 Jan 2016 15:54

Hallo, can I download this anywere ??

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16 Jan 2016 16:03

Click on the Downloadbutton, then select the language, then create a def-file and then you can click on the fast link, which costs something or click on the other links which are gratis ;)
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16 Jan 2016 16:05

Autobahn Rebuilding Project is included in ProMods

Just in case ;-)
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16 Jan 2016 16:16

Okay thus habe download at Once. It is looking Very nice.

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16 Jan 2016 18:59

Could there also be an exit to Bremen from the A 28 ? All the exits are at A 27. Heading to the Netherlands a exit on A 28 would be an advantage.

And will the B 199 /B 5 from Flensburg to Esbjerg turn back ? I know you had it in earlier versions.

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20 Jan 2016 20:11

I have a question about this and rebuilding projects in general: do you also optimize it somehow? Because I noticed this weird thing: While traveling in Russia or somewhere else, let's say, Scandinavia, my PC sometimes slows down and I get FPS drops. Nothing major but noticeable. However, in Germany, even though it's much more dense, it just runs smooth as silk. Seriously, I never thought my PC can produce such good results. It's just wonderful. Am I going crazy or do you really optimize it?

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20 Jan 2016 20:22

Yes, we are using cut planes, which optimizes stuff - Don't allow players to see areas where he/she should not able to see - Like another town, or part of a mountains... Maybe another parts. This feature is very useful for Germany, could be useful for Benelux region too...
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20 Jan 2016 21:34

In general we are trying to optimise as much as possible. We have set some targets with this and alot of areas are now scoring below those, so that is positive.

Cutplanes is nothing special, SCS uses them too. They are very usefull to create depth scenery without letting other areas distort the experience. Something that is very needed in a 1:19 scaled game.
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