Development on version 2.x (Autobahn Rebuilding Project)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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17 Apr 2016 16:28

Hi Guys, I know I don't post alot on the forum, but I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the developers of Germany. Thank you for doing the ARP because Germany is one of the most realistic country to transit through or to deliver in. Thank you guys, you have a unique skill and SCS Should hire you all. Thank you :D

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18 Apr 2016 06:25

Do you think we will see the Bodensee lake one day? Maybe adding Konstanz or Ravensburg nearby one or both? that would mean one would be scenery only.

Another thing, I do see signs for the federal states Brandenburg, Lower Saxony, and Hamburg when I driving the A1 and A2. do you think you could add those to the rest of state border lines in Germany?

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18 Apr 2016 14:14

Will build up in your map with all truck factories her (so also Mercedes-Benz?)

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18 Apr 2016 17:17

Am I developing at the moment?
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19 Apr 2016 05:28

Nice to see more roadworks going on. Also that landscaping is really well done. Great job :)

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19 Apr 2016 18:08

This is certainly my favourite part of Promods. Great stuff guys it really feels incredibly real, can't wait to see it being finished.

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21 Apr 2016 20:31

MandelSoft wrote:An overview map of the current progress on the ARP:


EDIT: date should be 2016-04-14
Too bad A 93 and A 72 as well as the Chemnitz/Zwickau metropolian region isn't considered or not even part of 'not part of the project'. :cry:

But hope will last. Nevertheless, great work so far and looking forward for the sentence: Germany is rebuilt completely. =)

Just look at such great mages, wich would fit perfectly to the ARP. =)


Elstertalbrücke A72


Muldenbrücke A72 bei Wilkau-Hasslau


A72 bei Chemnitz


Bau der A72



VW Mosel at B93 (Close to A4)

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21 Apr 2016 20:46

As it is Dreieck Holledau and has no plans A93? :)

Sorry for English.

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21 Apr 2016 20:47

Just waiting patiently for the ARP-South to Munich to be finished, tired of the winding snake road that makes no sense

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21 Apr 2016 20:56

I think A93 will be done at least until Regensburg because M95 prepared Dreieck Holledau ;)
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