Development on version 2.x (Autobahn Rebuilding Project)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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17 Mar 2017 13:38

dclark12553 wrote:Is the A7 in Southern Germany going to built to Austria. I like using a BMW car mod and driving down the A7 where there's no speed limit, I was able to top speeds in excess of 150 mph or 240 km/hon the straight away stretches, unless that is when there are trucks that cut you off without looking.
There you go

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17 Mar 2017 20:45

Close to finish the current ARP progress and making them beta-ready

Autobahn 4 near Bad Hersfeld

Developer of the
Autobahn Rebuilding Project Image
Slovakia Rebuilding Project Image

Current developments:
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17 Mar 2017 21:04

Very nice ;) I looking forward on quality Germany

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17 Mar 2017 21:11

Very nice :D great to drive in Germany on the rebuild roads!

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17 Mar 2017 21:19

anxious to test the new ARP out FH-Fahrer looks great!

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17 Mar 2017 22:25

Very nice picture you did there ;)
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17 Mar 2017 23:12

Nice pictures! :)

Come's the rebuilded Part from the BAB9 between Hermsdorfer Kreuz and Nürnberg?
Image Image

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18 Mar 2017 17:39

Hi Mandelsoft , I like your work so much. I ve a question When do you work at the A6 between Kaiserslautern and Saarbrücken?

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18 Mar 2017 18:58

How far has A4 been rebuilt ? Until Hermsdorfer Kreuz ? And what about A9 Hermsdorfer Kreuz - Nürnberg ?

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19 Mar 2017 11:15

I would like to see some streets - highways in Rhineland-Palatinate... this region where I live is too empty...
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