Development on version 2.x (Project Euromir)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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02 Feb 2018 13:03

Ok that's a pity. :(

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02 Feb 2018 16:13

Sad to hear the news from Vladz and Želva. Hopefully all the issues will resolve soon.
I agree with Vlad, it's best to pay attention to real life than modding.
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06 Feb 2018 17:22

We saw that new DLC is Baltic. Will you keep Estonia and Latvia as they are finished and very good and cities will be surely much better than SCS'?
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06 Feb 2018 17:26

So the next dlc is going to be baltic? ._.
That's sad for our dear developers :cry:
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06 Feb 2018 18:10

It's not surprising. One day SCS will also create Ireland, the Balkan, Spain. Promods put all their effords in country's with the highest possibility of a DLC. If they want to make a real difference they would focus on rebuilding the base map more then they do now. It would benefit us much more, but its completely up to the team;)

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06 Feb 2018 18:19

I bet it will take several years until SCS has build those countries, untl then its nice to have ProMods building them I think. Also they can and will always merge their good stuff with the SCS stuff and leave the not so good stuff out like in France so we won't ever lose the best parts of ProMods :)
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06 Feb 2018 18:50

@braniac: I think that's a good idea - reverse the procedure, keep Euromir as the base map and just merge the parts of SCS that complement ProMods (like Vilnius for instance)
@Devilagent:: Your strategy wouldn't help much - the better the DLCs become the more urgent becomes a rebuild of the vanilla base map (like they did with northern France and Italy they have to revamp Germany the Benelux etc. as well one day) and then you have a similar problem

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06 Feb 2018 20:52

A little bit of off-topic, but do you believe that Kaliningrad oblast and Finland will be included in DLC?

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06 Feb 2018 21:32

I think that Kaliningrad Oblast will be there, and border"s crossing could be the main feature of this DLC. Finland appears probably as well, but I bet for just southern part, as it happened with Sweden and Norway.

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06 Feb 2018 21:44

Look at this:
Image ... 8a5ff6.png
As mentioned above I think Kaliningrad Oblast is meant to be Russia in this picture and they will build southern part of Finland like in Sweden and Norway. Maybe we will see some more of Russia like St. Petersburg e.g..
May I ask you @Mandelsoft in which part you are working for the new DLC? :)

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