Development on version 2.x (Western Ukraine Project)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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02 Oct 2019 18:36

Thanks! But the difference between Debrecen and Lviv will be the performance. I have improved on that point. :)
Next big update for ProMods will be include more new cities in Ukraine?
You can expect at least one new city: Stryj (This is no guarantee, though).
After much inactivity on the forum, some impressions of Stryj:
20191002191441_1.jpg (123.06 KiB) Viewed 2796 times
Including the local Epicentr K of course.
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02 Oct 2019 19:55

Keep it going ;)

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03 Oct 2019 09:58

Looks lovely, as always! ;)
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03 Oct 2019 22:07

But before entering Eastern Ukraine we need a rebuild eastern Poland ... I hope this will happen soon or has already happened .

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03 Oct 2019 22:31

Parts of Eastern Poland have already got a rebuild. Just have a look in Polish Development thread ;)
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04 Oct 2019 18:32

UA actually have 50 km/h speed limit in the city.

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04 Oct 2019 22:18

@Lynx21 what I mean is that A4/E40 and that road from Lublin need to lead into Ukraine. These corridors need to be finished

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05 Oct 2019 02:25

Do you have any plans for development in central Ukraine? It's hard to make eastern Ukraine for political reasons.
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05 Oct 2019 08:01

Tbh. I think they will make Eastern Ukraine at some point, since peace is in the area is kinda on its way
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07 Oct 2019 05:07

At the moment that's too far away to worry about it anyway :)
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