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Re: Development on version 2.x (Iberian Peninsula Project)

Posted: 23 May 2019 01:35
by realdeal350
The way that people talk in this topic has been absolutely disgusting and horrible to read. The way that people insult each other and how ignorant and intolerant some people are is horrible. Me and IvanGF14 have been working on Spain for quite a while and along with dozens of other devs, ProMods has been around since 2013. We have been working on ProMods as a hobby ever since and it will always be a hobby, and despite the amount of criticism we get and that our work is occasionally replaced by DLCs, we're still proud of what we create and we create it for the benefit of the community - and that will never change.

Despite this, time and time again there are constantly lies spread about us and we still get criticised for being "unhelpful" or "being a useless mod". The sad part is that this isn't just a problem for ProMods - this hate, intolerance and disrespect is throughout the entire ETS2 modding community and the majority of modders have experienced it. Compare it to the SimCity 4 modding community where people are very respectful of each other. The SCS modding community always has been and probably always will be quite toxic, but despite this, us modders will continue to create mods for the quiet part of the community that is respectful, thankful and constructive.
edsor wrote:
22 May 2019 18:00
I don't usually write much, neither in this forum nor in any. But I'm tired of seeing everyone who asks, even with education and respect, when it will be ready or what, I answered parroting the same as rude pedantry: "will be ready when ready." I have limited myself to make you see that you are not as important as you certainly believe.
There is a good reason why we answer with "it's ready when it's ready". Since modding is our hobby, we have no schedule for when we map and real life ALWAYS takes priority. This means that saying any sort of date is just stupid. Despite this, many people in the community seem to think that modding is the only thing we do - adding to the sense of selfishness and intolerance that is in the SCS modding community. Let's talk about my life as an example. I'm only 16 years old, my family is a mess and school is really stressful and time consuming, but despite this I have tried to find free time and motivation for the past 4 years to be able to help develop a mod that people enjoy.
edsor wrote:
22 May 2019 18:15
On the other hand, all your answers confirm what you already knew: the inability you have to withstand the slightest criticism
That is a ridiculous statement. As I said before, the majority of modders in this community withstand criticism on a regular basis. Please also remember that we are people with lives and feelings, and even though it's wrong, we occasionally get pushed over the edge.

I respect everyone's opinions about the work we create. If you think that Barcelona is unplayable and that Madrid will be disappointing, I respect that and accept your opinion. However, and this applies to everyone, being negative will never help anyone and using insulting and condescending language is unacceptable. I mean, EdgeGladiator, what gives you the right to call edsor a baby and tell him to shut his mouth? Being so rude and intolerant just hinders debate, and sensible and constructive debate is the only way we can improve.

It is time for this topic to be locked temporarily. I haven't mapped for almost 2 months because the motivation just isn't there, and real life is taking over most of my free time. The same applies to IvanGF14, he has a job and not much free time. We are very grateful for the positive comments we get, and we love you for that, but this topic is constantly filled with off-topic jargon and constant pestering about when something will be released. For me it's getting to the point where modding isn't even worth it anymore because the negative comments are starting to outweigh the positive ones, and the intolerance in the SCS community is starting to get really demotivating. For the positive, constructive and helpful people in the community: on behalf of the ProMods team, we thank you and love you, and we are modders because we want to provide you with the best experience. To all the intolerant, negative and unthoughtful people in the community: it's time to reflect on your words and actions, and remember that you are only a little drop in the ocean.

Rant over.

Re: Development on version 2.x (Iberian Peninsula Project)

Posted: 23 May 2019 02:08
by ScuL
I will only add a short note.

People commenting on development threads should be aware that they are in no place to "demand" new content, new cities, companies or "faster expansion".
We are not a business but a group of volunteers and we do this work for fun. In order to keep the fun for the developers, they chose to work on what they please, not on what person XYZ is asking for.
Also because of that our speed is determined by how much free time there is to mod. Real life always takes priority.
To build a DLC like Balkans, which is somewhere around 300.000km², SCS employs a team of around 10 full-time developers working on the map ~40 hours per week for 1 year.
Iberia as a territory is about 600.000km² and our two guys have developed about 25% of it in the past 4 years with maybe about 10 hours per week. This means that they are working 125% faster than the SCS developers in about a quarter of the time given to them.