Development on version 2.x (Benelux Rebuilding Project)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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28 Mar 2015 18:19

Hey Guys!

I am very glad everyone is really enjoying all the new content in Promods 1.9!!

As you can see the whole team is really putting effort in making the Promods map even bigger and bringing detail to a whole new level.
With all the new projects going on we are also working hard in converting the current SCS area's and raising them to our standard!

Following the Autobahn Rebuilding Project, we are planning to create a realistic highway system in the Benelux as well.
Ofcourse it will be quite a challenge due to the scale of the map and the density of the current roads.

For a lot of developers the Benelux is a homerun, as many of them are living here.
As for myself, I drive every highway here on a very frequent basis, therefore making this project a lot of fun.

So what is involved in this project so far?


Highways new and improved ones:
-E40 (Brussels-Liege)
-E42 (Liege-Charleroi
-E25 (Liege-Netherlands)

-Rebuilding Brussels including a new Ring
-Rebuilding Liege including the ring
-Creating Charleroi


Highways new and improved ones:
-A28 (towards Groningen via Zwolle)
-A2 ( Belgium direction North)

- Creation of Zwolle
- Creation of Maastricht ( drive through city via future A2 tunnel )

Ofcourse this list is just an indication of what I know now, so it is subject to change.

Main developers involved at the moment are:


So here are a few teasers! ( please note: a lot of things are still missing such as signs, crash barriers etc, as this is all WIP )

E25 Near Belgian/Dutch border:




E25/E40 Interchange Cheratte:

E40XE42 near Liege Airport Interchange Loncin:

Interchange St Stevens Woluwe, near Brussels:



More teasers for the Netherlands are following!

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28 Mar 2015 18:25

Looks good and I'm excited to see what's coming next. The Benelux countries have been somewhat poorly represented. Understandably due to their density, but you guys will do a better job I'm sure.

Some pretty interesting interchanges so far.
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28 Mar 2015 18:28

Some more teasers of Mandelsoft's work near Zwolle:





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28 Mar 2015 18:33

So many great projects! I really like that you guys are rebuilding stuff! Looks good! :D
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28 Mar 2015 18:37

Nice ones m8!
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28 Mar 2015 18:38

Awesome! :D So glad to hear about the BRP (Benelux Rebuilding Project)! :D And it's very fitting too, since many of the developers in ProMods are Dutch.

One thing I noticed though... in the second MandelSoft picture, the signs are done with Mittelschrift rather than FHWA E(M)! :o So they look like German signs rather than Dutch signs. I'm pretty sure that's just there temporarily though... with his attention to detail it's not like him to use the wrong fonts! ;)

Anyway I look forward to more BRP updates as they come :)

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28 Mar 2015 18:44

Yes indeed. They are placeholders for now.

I think that Mandelsoft will make templates of the new sign system for the Netherlands.

If you look closely you will notice that the current signs are german ;)
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28 Mar 2015 18:51

This project simply sounds awesome! :)

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28 Mar 2015 19:11

Tronni22 wrote:So many great projects! I really like that you guys are rebuilding stuff! Looks good! :D
nothing other to say just that promods shits should be scs standart :D

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28 Mar 2015 19:11

The map plan for this area should be revealed soon :P
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