Development on version 2.x (Benelux Rebuilding Project)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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22 Jun 2016 17:37

If yes, do the one way motorway ring... seriously, it's kinda funny (Charleroi )
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24 Jun 2016 10:53

Ring Charleroi is terrible

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26 Jun 2016 20:20

you gonna rebuild wallonia like ardennes

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27 Jun 2016 08:05


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27 Jun 2016 08:59

I just saw the vod of squirrel's stream where he drive through Arnhem. I really like what you guys maked of it, since that is the city where i study. Also like the IKEA just next to the highway outside Arnhem, like where it is in real in Duiven, where i live. Thanks for the awesome content.

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27 Jun 2016 10:35

maybe add eemshaven

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27 Jun 2016 10:54

^^ Repeating the city you want doesn't make them create it,

++ Eemshaven is too close to Groningen so it doesn't fit
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27 Jun 2016 16:10

I saw Benelux last night and it was beautifull. It really gave me a dutch feeling with the signs and the state of the roads. Also Arnhem and Brussel are a masterpiece to my opinion. Keep up the good work! I also saw that there is a decent connection between Antwerpen and Lille.

BTW can you explain the bad behavior of the drivers in Arnhem :lol:

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27 Jun 2016 19:42

Portbagage wrote: BTW can you explain the bad behavior of the drivers in Arnhem :lol:
They're Dutch..?
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27 Jun 2016 21:50

It was a huge spoiler, but i just watched Squirrel's stream back and saw my hometown of Eindhoven.
Huge props to the one who did it ! Awesome :)
Recognized everything and the garage at the spot where DAF is located, brilliant.

Just wanted to give it a shoutout. Absolutely brilliant. Great work.
Arnhem, beautiful. A67, recognized where i was, expected Leenderheide, and it was there.

-edit- And don't change the trafficlights, Mandelsoft ;)
Squirrel was complaining and so am i driving through Eindhoven. Veeery realistic ! :lol:
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