Development on version 2.x (Benelux Rebuilding Project)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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27 Jun 2016 22:36

Volleybal4life wrote:
Portbagage wrote: BTW can you explain the bad behavior of the drivers in Arnhem :lol:
They're Dutch..?
So when i start taking driving lessons on the 23th of July, i will be driving like that? Maybe i should cancel the whole thing... :? :lol:
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05 Jul 2016 09:53

Depends on where you live. If you learn to drive in the Randstad you'll be fine anywhere. If you learn to drive in some remote town and you go to the Randstad I will pray for you

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06 Jul 2016 12:51

I'm usually not the kind of guy who asks these kind of questions.. But after watching Squirrels stream I noticed that the A67 doesn't continue as the german A40 at Venlo towards Duisburg, meaning that coming from the Ruhr region towards Eindhoven (or further towards Antwerpen) you have to take a huge detour trough Arnhem which is worrying for me because that would be very unrealistic (even more considering the fact, how important that border crossing is in real life)

Anyway, I just wanted to ask if you guys are willing to make that connection in the future?

(I'm here since 1.0 so yes, I know, I will "Wait and see" ;) only that I've become a bit worried, because right know we have at least that small two lane road strech around there, but it looks like that one is going to be removed)
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30 Jul 2016 09:36

Is there a posibelity that the tv and radio broadcast tower from hoogersmilde can be seen from the a28?? Because in real life you can see it.
Also Maybe a good idea for easter egg is to put a few pirate radio stations antenas in small towns in the notheren part of the netherlands?? beacuse they are there in real life.
Last qeustion can emmen be in the map?? Beacause of the glass houses for flowers (there realy in klazienaveen where theres also a a cool truckstop) Or is there no place??
PS maybe another cool little easter egg would be routiers in harde like in real life its a famouse truck stop??

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30 Jul 2016 10:01

Emmen and Klazienaveen... lol :lol:

These are not going to be added simply due to their insignificance.

EDIT: Well, perhaps Emmen, but I highly doubt it.
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08 Aug 2016 19:09

Hey guys, is the location of the ikea of Arnhem based on its real location in Duiven, a village near Arnhem?

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09 Aug 2016 01:46

Yes it is
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09 Aug 2016 06:55

Nice, since i live in Duiven and study in Arnhem. From what i saw from Squirrels stream it is looks really like it is in real life. I realy like it. Thanks for all the awesome work on this map. Especially The Netherlands.
Just visited Arnhem on the route of a job. The exit en enter of the highway A50 is looking really realistic. I daily drive on that part with the bus when i am going to work for my study. It is really identical to what it is in real life.

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09 Aug 2016 19:29

Great job in Bruxelles, it was a great nostalgia trip, Berchem is spot-on! But I miss tunnel names above entrances...
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09 Aug 2016 22:19

Brussels is without a doubt the best city I have ever seen in a video game. The incredible detail that went into it, as well as just the entire Benelux region is unparalled perfection at it's finest. I drove E40 route many times irl. In such a small scale, it feels incredibly real as even the Jabbeke junction for Bruges is perfectly reflected. Just when you thought Antwerp was the best thing, you guys gobsmack me to the ground. Oh, and do look at that "as real as it gets" night!



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