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Re: Development on version 2.x (Benelux Rebuilding Project)

Posted: 12 Jan 2019 16:57
by JohnBart
Okay, can't argue with that. :)
I can also throw vanilla Going East Hungary into the mix.

Anyway, back to topic, despite the usage of older assets, I am still impressed with the amount of roads and the complexity of the Benelux network that was built in that small area.

Re: Development on version 2.x (Benelux Rebuilding Project)

Posted: 24 Jan 2019 19:01
by Simix2018
Hi, in the revision of Germany there are much better roads than in older parts of the game. Could they be used in the benelux parts (e. g. the Netherlands)?

Re: Development on version 2.x (Benelux Rebuilding Project)

Posted: 05 Feb 2019 13:16
by M95
Since the road markings are different on the german prefabs compared to the ones used in the Netherlands this will probably not be done. In case this will be done new road templates and prefabs based upon those ones have to be made which is time consuming. I don't know progress plans et cetera are but I think it is likely this will not happen at least on short term if there's nothing planned on the BRP.

Re: Development on version 2.x (Benelux Rebuilding Project)

Posted: 05 Feb 2019 17:22
by dennis_2310
Hello everybody,
I am watching this thread here quite a while and I ask myself, if there are any plans with Luxembourg already? I mean, the most parts of the BeNeLux area is pretty well done and one of my favourite driving areas in promods, but I think that Luxembourg seems to be a bit "underrepresented". If you have your headquarter in Luxembourg, it is quite a hassle to drive to Germany, so on the one hand you have to drive through half of Belgium or on the other hand to drive through France, which is also very annoying .Well yeah, the main highway is pretty well rebuilt, but will there be any further developments there, like maybe a connection to Germany or a second road to Belgium, which not only leds to a quarry?

Best regards,

Re: Development on version 2.x (Benelux Rebuilding Project)

Posted: 05 Feb 2019 17:35
by Trucker2223
Nobody is working in this area, so there is no plans for this for now.

Re: Development on version 2.x (Benelux Rebuilding Project)

Posted: 14 Feb 2019 23:48
by De_Ruyter
I was wondering about the Netherlands myself, being Dutch and living in the north of the country I got rather shocked with something completely alien to me. Hills everywhere! It's as flat as a pancake here, perhaps even flatter then that! Where do all these hills come from? Anyways, I do hope there will be a big update to come in the future as this just looks rather silly. Perhaps these suggestions may improve the Netherlands as a whole.

Friesland Province
1. As I mentioned already, why is the Netherlands so hilly in the north? All I can think about is a artistic view point rather then anything else. I do believe it may help a lot to fix this issue.
2. Why does the north have so many flowers? If anything, it's like a huge grass plane here. Aside from the occasional tree and house, you don't have much to look at outside the cities and villages.
3. There is a aquaduct in the route between the long dam (Afsluitdijk) and Groningen, this aquaduct has a center pillar with circles cut in it. Should be the first tunnel you run into. This tunnel is named "De Geau" in Frisian and "De Geeuw" in Dutch (The yawn in English). Yet this is the only thing related to the city it belongs to, the city called "Sneek" (yeah, pretty much same as the English "snake" in how you pronounce it). It would be awesome to at least have something related to this city other then a aquaduct. There is a peppermint factory and a Akzo Nobel factory producing paint mostly (right next to each other funny enough). Both companies are very close to the A7 which is the same road as the tunnel. It could be valueble to have those added.
4. Another city that may be worth it, is Workum, although not along the A7 it does have a large Cheese factory that produces cheese for world wide distribution. Both typical Edam cheese (yes the small round ones) are made there and the big cheese wheels. This company receives daily a lot of truck traffic. Also cattle traffic is rather large here. Another amazing thing, there is a company still active since 1693. Although they only repair old Dutch ships and no longer makes them. It may be a ideal candidate to add to the list, just need the pickup and delivery at another location as it will proof rather impossible to get your truck on their property.

Noord-Holland Province
1. Den Helder has of course the Royal Netherlands Navy base, but near it you find a ferry to Texel island. Also companies regarding oil, fishing companies, flower farms, to name a few.
2. Texel island would be ideal to have 2 of it's biggest towns (Den Burg, Cocksdorp. No, not that kind. The kitchen kind, it's old Dutch for chef), perhaps not really much to do on the island for transport but it's still well worth to add them as it is rather different from what we have now in the game.
3. Enkhuizen is another town that has companies regarding both new as old ships, yet no company is actually old as the earlier named one. It does have harbors which may add to possibilities.
4. For the Afsluitdijk, which is mostly Friesland Province, should have a overhaul of it's own. It looks rather small, narrow and silly. There should be a bicycle path that is missing, casemate's on both sides of the dam and a small town that is partially there may also need a update. For that matter, there is a museum regarding these casemate's and the war which may be a excellent thing to add. It also may give them the visitors they need as they are struggling to keep the doors open. Also for the tower, or the monument as the Dutch know it as, requires a Frisian flag and a Dutch flag. NOT a EU flag!

Noord-Oost Polder Province
1. Lelystad may be the one to add for sure, the city is named after the man who created the biggest dam in the country which actually is added (Afsluitdijk). Aside from Lelystad Airport the obvious harbors and the Batavia replica! Something that may need to be added, also the A6 is a rather important road between Amsterdam and Friesland (Connects to the A7 there)

Utrecht Province
1. Biggest traffic connection location in the country, yet forgotten in the game (so far). There are a lot of main roads coming together here, A2, A28, A12, A27, along with a lot or smaller roads. How this one was overlooked still amazes me.
2. Utrecht city would be a amazing addition as it is in size one of the bigger cities in the country with a lot of important transport options.

Province Groningen
1. Delfzijl may be even more important then Groningen is giving a lot of options to the truckers. Oil, raw materials and its own seaport. It may be a tiny town, but it's actually a lot more important then people think.

Other suggestions:
1. Please look at Google maps or whatever preferred. There is so much that is rather wrong or makes no sense. I can understand that the map is rather limited in the game, but at least it would be good to be more accurate in how the land itself looks. Also so many mills... not really a thing. Most old mills are long gone unfortunately.
2. Why so many German style buildings? That really does need a change as well.
3. Why is there a tug boat in the water next to the A1? (Amsterdam - Osnabruck) Interesting to see a boat there, but there isn't even any water body in that area big enough for even a pleasure yacht...

I hope at least the team will look at this and look in to some at least. Even welcome to message me for more info if needed.

Re: Development on version 2.x (Benelux Rebuilding Project)

Posted: 15 Feb 2019 04:03
by ScuL
Most of your comments are fair, but on a 1:19 scale there isn't much room to work with. If you build Enkhuizen then there would be no room for Lelystad and vice versa.
A lot of The Netherlands are not that accurate in the game (again due to scale). We would love to re-build Amsterdam as well as Groningen at some point.

To answer the questions
1) The areas you describe are designed by SCS (base game stuff). We have only really edited the south, east and Rotterdam.
2) There are no Dutch assets as such
3) SCS feature.

Re: Development on version 2.x (Benelux Rebuilding Project)

Posted: 15 Feb 2019 10:45
by De_Ruyter
For Enkhuizen and Lelystad you make indeed a fair point. And yes, with this scale it would be very difficult to do much of anything really.

I know much of how it is, is SCS's design. Perhaps one day it will be updated, who knows. Yet actually living in the area it seems like a alien world to me.
I think it would be a similar effect if you opened your front door and see a desert instead of your trusted normal world, if you understand what I mean.
There for I thought it would be valuable to share some opinions from the point of view of some one actually living there. I know most Dutch players are from the
bigger cities, like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, etc. But that doesn't mean there is no need for suggestions and possible improvements.
After all, we all love the game and we all love to see our own region at least in some form represented at least in some realistic capacity.

I do absolutely love how the Netherlands was expanded up on by the ProMods team, I may personally not know to what level of realism it is, but it looks amazingly well done.
There for I hardly can wait to get it for 1.34. Also I know with this scale it's insanely difficult to really work in detail and as mod maker myself for other games I know how
difficult it can get if you really want to put in a crazy level of detail. But that doesn't mean there is no way to see if things can be made or fitted in. Also please do remember
that my comment was not criticizing ProMods or SCS, please do see it as a observation and suggestion thing. If something comes of it, i'd be happy of course.
But if not, well the result so far looks already amazing as i said before.

Re: Development on version 2.x (Benelux Rebuilding Project)

Posted: 01 Mar 2019 23:12
by MG Mike

Hi there,
The same thing was it with germany at the old original map by scs. Hills and rocks overall even in north germany between Bremen, Hamburg and Rostock. With the Rebuilt of North germany by SCS it is better now, but for my taste still too hilly. Especially if you drive the country roads..
Therefore the actual Promodsmap is the best improvement to germany. Since the team has decided to take the new germany by SCS as a base and put in the Promods-stuff I a very hoping the team returns also the nice flat landscape we had before.
Since I am from north germany, living in the Elbe Weser triangle I know very well what you mean.

I for myself was very impressed as I drove the first time on the afsluisdijk. It looked big for me. Very much water to see there, very nice built I thought. But I know in real life it is much bigger. Over 30 km if I am right? But in the 1:19 scale Things get so little.. Maybe promods team can one day rebuilt it and make it bigger, but I guess not very much, cause enlarge this dam the place for other cities reduces automatically. I always like to drive at coastal roads and see the north sea or the Baltic sea, but we have always to deal with that damn little scale.. Even in germany the short ranges between Hamburg and Bremen. IRL you take 2 hours to get from one to the other city. In the actually Promods 2.33 and before it is very well made. You start in the north of Hamburg take the tunnel then drive in the Harbour area in the south to get your freight and then have to take the maschener Kreuz to get on A1 and at Bremen you must take the Bremer Kreuz to get on A27 to reach Bremen. At actually SCS germany you have only the A1 between Hamburg and Bremen. Very short ride. I hope Promods will make it longer again as it was. And I hope in similar way like they did with Hamburg and Bremen maybe there are a few things possible in the Netherlands too. Another example is Koblenz and Bonn. The Area at the Map is not very big there too, but the team managed to bring Bonn and Koblenz with roads along the Rhine at a quite little place.. Maybe in a similar way it would be possible for more in the Netherlands too, but that is up to the team what will be possible and what not. Untill that let's have a cup of friesian tea...

Re: Development on version 2.x (Benelux Rebuilding Project)

Posted: 04 Mar 2019 03:03
by De_Ruyter
The Afsluitdijk is indeed over 30 km long, 32 km to be precise (yeah, little fun here) Anyways, you should look at the wikipedia page if you wish to read more about it. Also most of this interesting structure can be traveled at 130 km/h, not the 120 km/h that is in the game. For cars that is. For trucks unfortunately everywhere 80 km/h or less. In the game it looks really small, narrow and silly to say the least. The bicycle path is slightly elevated above the highway area as well, yet no such path there in the game. lol It should take about 30 to 45 minutes to cross this dam if you keep to the speed limit for cars

For the 1:19 scale and it limiting the options for cities, yeah that is a issue indeed. Yet it will still be nice to have ideas out there. Also for Germany, there are some interesting places that are not added to the game. Emden for example with it's famous harbor. It's rather silly not to have that in the game. I bet SCS missed out on a lot, either intentionally or perhaps by lack of information. Even if Google Earth/Maps is a thing. Anyways, yeah I was hoping that the ProMods team who did a amazing job already, could at least look in to it and see what could be done. I did learn another team is making a 1:2 map of the Netherlands now, but it will take a long time for them to reach Friesland and North Holland. I still have to install that mod, but from what I hear they are really making a big effort to get this done. Not just for the highways, but also the lesser roads!