Development on version 2.x (France edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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02 Apr 2015 17:58

The hour of the balance sheet and also time to announce future steps concerning France

On the map you can see many different colors for cities.
Red: The cities made by SCS
Yellow: Cities ProMods already completed
Blue: The remaining cities to build
Brown: Bonuses cities (or not) That will depend on my mood.

You can see some red roads: those made recently.

Toulouse is the first city which will come . The construction of Clermont Ferrand is still delayed. The reason is that we need connections to Spain, to offer you a maximum of roads and cities to discover for version 2.0.
I will continue A64 from Pau to Toulouse, A62 from Marmande (Bordeaux) to Toulouse and A20 from Brive (Limoges) to Toulouse.
There is one road from south of Pau to spain and one road south of Toulouse to Andorra
Those roads are shown in black on the map.
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02 Apr 2015 18:02

"Something changes"

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02 Apr 2015 18:05

That plan is epic! :o Corsica!
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02 Apr 2015 18:25

Nice Kutchek! I like this plan very much!

SCS did even less France that I thought they did....
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02 Apr 2015 18:36

Only one city in Corsica? :o Surprised, considering how big and populous the island is...
Otherwise i like the plan alot :)
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02 Apr 2015 18:52

Martinus Kundla wrote:Only one city in Corsica? :o Surprised, considering how big and populous the island is...
Otherwise i like the plan alot :)
Corsica have only 322 000 citizen !!
It's the smallest adminstrative region in france for her population, density and size !!
And the biggest cities are Ajjacio, Bastia, Calvi....
There is very small for the France (73 rd largest city in France for Ajjacio (66 000 citizens))
Approximately as large as Calais (72 000)
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02 Apr 2015 19:07

Awesome news :D Great plan, but I've a question. Will you be doing the Ring of Lyon ( A46, N346) ? Good Luck.

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02 Apr 2015 21:27

Great plan Kutchek! Can't wait for the perfect France. I think you've included all the most needed cities in that plan, and if you're going to make any of those brown cities, Troyes and Grenoble would be my choice ;).

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02 Apr 2015 21:34

Looks very great, but aren't there any room for Nice?
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02 Apr 2015 21:39

Nice to see Corsica and Monaco.

About brown cities: I know little and less about them IRL but just looking at the total city distribution, I'd say only Angoulême is optional.

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