Development on version 2.x (France edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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24 Nov 2015 15:17

barbaros.yanık wrote:Tarih Belli Değil O zaman :) :D
Google Translate wrote:Not certain date then
No, not that one either
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24 Nov 2015 22:04

Wow Kutchek you did an absolutely amazing job!! Also very happy that we now have a solid connection to Catalonia and Andorra !:)
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25 Nov 2015 14:13

no poitier?

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25 Nov 2015 15:19

You mean Poitiers? Well, if you meant this city, it was already built in the ProMods 1.6x!
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25 Nov 2015 19:37

Excellent road Kutchek! Can't wait to drive on some more sunny roads ;).

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25 Nov 2015 22:52

Stunning scenery Kutchek! :)

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30 Nov 2015 09:26

One question, if I own Garage in Paris, will I loose it once the Paris is rebuilded?
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30 Nov 2015 10:40

Nope don't think so.
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30 Nov 2015 13:37

Oh my days, Kutchek, you have outdone yourself! Breathtaking and utterly realistic.
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02 Dec 2015 00:28

Two minor, non-game-breaking bugs on expressways in France I've encountered:

1 - The highway from Bayonne to Bordeaux [A63] doesn't charge tolls at the toll plazas. They'll either both say "take the ticket and pay at the next plaza" or "toll road ends, pay toll of 0 quid," depending on whether you're heading north or south. I'm not familiar enough with the French autoroute system to know whether or not that stretch of highway is a turnpike or not, but if it is then one or both of those two toll plazas needs to be fixed so that the tolls are properly charged.

2 - The expressway through Tours [A10] has that "AI traffic vanishes into thin air" bug just south of the speed trap, (edit) between the on ramp and off ramp of the north exit, (/edit) in both directions. The in-game GPS also doesn't recognize that piece of road as being one continuous piece of road and instead thinks it's two non-connected dead-end pieces of road. (I encountered an identical problem on the German A2 a short way northeast of Dortmund, (edit) on the westbound A2 just past the second exit to Bad Oeynhausen (/edit))

They're both minor bugs, almost not worth mentioning. But hopefully you'll be able to fix these minor imperfections eventually, if not in time for Promods 2.00 then maybe for 2.01.

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