Development on version 2.x (France edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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22 Dec 2015 22:16

I wasn't very active during summer. I have made a long pause, one month and half, asking to me if I continued to make landscapes. Mapping is an activity which need a lot of time.... really a lot.
Today if I see my Steam profil with ETS2, I can see 4465 H of play.... Surely more of 4200 hours with mapping. It's not include time with Gimp, Photoshop, ETS2editor, Zmodeler, NeoHexEditor, GoogleEarth, Forum... and I am forgetting others softwares.

But the good new is I am motivate...again

In ProMods 2.0, in France, you will have many roads : Pau-Toulouse, Mont-de-Marsan-Toulouse, Bordeaux-Toulouse, Limoges-Toulouse, toulouse city, Toulouse-Andorra and the N117. It's very high quality, especially mountains.

ProMods guys have made a fantastic work and you will have enough to explore every new and rebuilding area everywhere in Europe

I am not succeeded to provide Toulouse-Narbonne-Perpignan, I haven't had enough time, but You can see this part in next version ProMods 2.1

Thank for you support

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22 Dec 2015 22:23

And we will continue supporting you Kutchek!
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22 Dec 2015 22:32

What I've seen from the stream and your screenshots the landscapes are a amazing piece of art! I can only thank you for all your fantastic work you've done and hope to see more in the future :D

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22 Dec 2015 22:42

Thank you very much Kutchek for all your hard work you put into this, we all cherish and appreciate your efforts to create France as great as possible!

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23 Dec 2015 02:42

Just want to agree with bumbumek as to his comments, thanks so much Kutchek for all your efforts, and so far as that goes thanks to all the developers and workers on the ProMod site.

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23 Dec 2015 09:46

Another big thank you here Kutchek, you guys are real artists giving us hours of gaming pleasure!

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23 Dec 2015 10:42

Thanks Kutchek to take on your free time to create a master piece that will give us a lot of hours of game pleasure . Thanks and Thanks again .

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23 Dec 2015 10:44

Kutchek you have done an amazing service to ProMods. I've seen your landscapes and they make France look so beautiful.
Very high quality work. Take your time. :)

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23 Dec 2015 11:43

You were one of the very first people to join Promods, (before Mandelsoft I think). You have took so much of your time to map France from the very early stages of the game to now.

I love your map skills, you've done very well :)
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23 Dec 2015 16:50

hello can integrate the city of Bourges in the map

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