Development on version 2.x (France edition)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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23 Dec 2015 21:58

Kutchek, thank you so much for spending thousands of hours creating France for Promods. It is a beautiful place to drive with all the work you made! If you weren't here playing ETS2 and being a developer for Promods, France wouldn't have been the same

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27 Dec 2015 14:04

DeusHorizon wrote:You mean Poitiers? Well, if you meant this city, it was already built in the ProMods 1.6x!
Ow oops , couldn't find it sorry

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28 Dec 2015 16:20


To be honest, I'm more than a little disappointed that the Autoroute du soleil (to Narbonne/Marseille) is still missing south of Lyon, as well as the entire coast between Genoa and the Spanish border - but we're all humans and can only do what's possible, right?
On the other hand, had a trip from Toulouse to Andorra la vella today, and I'd say, it's the most beautiful part of the map I've ever seen. <3 Thanks for your efforts! Time well spent.


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28 Dec 2015 18:47

To be true I am thinking exactly like TruckOger : I am disappointed that there is still nothing about the french mediterraneen coast ... but anyway it will come one day... but the most used highway is still missing (Marseille - Lyon) and for how long ?
Now I agree 100% with TruckOger , we are all humans and we do what we can ...
Anyway continue your great jobs modders and hopefully one day France will be complete lol ;)

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28 Dec 2015 18:56

Alexxandre wrote:but the most used highway is still missing (Marseille - Lyon) and for how long ?
Actually you're right. The most used highway is still missing... but it's the A1, A7 coming in second place.
France is growing slowly, but surely. Creating a perfect road requires dozens of hours. Kutchek decided to work at a slower pace but for a much more impressive result. Just be patient, and you will get the A7 and the rest of France. :)

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28 Dec 2015 19:27

Just drove to Andorra for the first time today. I'm really impressed by the landscaping in the Pyrenées :D Well done Kutchek and others who have worked in the area :) I like the Airbus landmarks in Toulouse which really makes the city recognizeable. :D

I'm a little disappointed that there is still being used single-lane interchanges in France though. I encountered one on the motorway north of Pau. I checked in on Google Maps to see, that in reality a third lane goes of from the two continuing lanes. I also encountered one i Finland south of Tampere.
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28 Dec 2015 20:26

With Barcelona coming in the next version Kutchek will probably focus on connecting Paris with Barcelona properly (Paris - A10 - Orléans - A71 - Clermont - A75 - A9 - Perpignan - Spain) so the southeast is probably the last area that will be made.

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28 Dec 2015 21:20

Top notch work Kutchek!


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28 Dec 2015 21:40

I drove the way to Andorra yesterday and it looks just brilliant! The mountain is a masterpiece

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29 Dec 2015 01:00

Which climate zones has the already released part have?

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