Development on version 2.x (Assets & General Improvements)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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07 Apr 2015 20:25

This development thread is about all developments that don't fit into any project topic. These improvements have a general nature and influence the map across projects, but don't necessarily involve mapping.

One such technology is the ProMods Lighting System, introduced in version 1.91. In this version, the lighting mod was pretty basic and in some parts it didn't gave the most satisfying results (see AI vehicle lighting, of which a hotfix is available now). For streetlights, there was still a lot of potential to expand on this technology.

Well, today you'll see the first results of these experiments. Instead of one streetlight colour map-wide (may it be white or amber), we now have five different streetlight colours, mixed all over the map. Some colours are more present in certain regions than others. The colours included are:
- Orange
- Amber
- Warm white
- Neutral white
- Cool white

Here are some photos showing off the wide range of colours this technology can offer!






Comments are welcome!

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07 Apr 2015 20:31

Gorgeous! Between this and 1.17's improved day/night cycle, maybe I won't have to micromanage job times so that I sleep through every night.
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07 Apr 2015 20:39

Wow! That yellow-ish lighting gives such a real feeling to the road! I already love it! Great and awesome work MandelSoft!

I'm sorry to say this, but with this quality.....

TSM, please, get your stuff and leave, you'll never ever get this kind of quality and precision.
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07 Apr 2015 21:32

Volleybal4life wrote:TSM, please, get your stuff and leave, you'll never ever get this kind of quality and precision.
Hahaha! And before this mod I was playing TSM.... But you're right - TSM has no good quality...

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07 Apr 2015 22:34

The only thing about TSM is it has a good size map, but with ProMods slowly catching up and the dramatic quality improvement over SCS's original work there is really no need for TSM anymore. I mean, copy pasting Switzerland into Tunisia? Really guys? How lazy are you?
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07 Apr 2015 23:07

Impressive stuff. This gives me a chance to see the crazy AI traffic at night.

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07 Apr 2015 23:35

AssassinLV wrote:
Volleybal4life wrote:TSM, please, get your stuff and leave, you'll never ever get this kind of quality and precision.
Yeah, TSM was the first map mod I downloaded when I got the game. It covers much more land, but it's far less detailed. Was very disappointed with the Mediterranean coast, plus that whole extension to Africa bothered me a lot (it's Euro Truck Simulator 2, after all). Got ProMods soon after, and I am happy I made that change. It gets better and better with time, and this new lighting system is just a proof of how amazing this mod is. I might start to drive by night, from now on. :D

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08 Apr 2015 08:11

I like the idea of this topic :)
Looking really good so far. The streetlights on one of the roads I built had amber lighting. :)
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08 Apr 2015 09:21

I much prefer driving at night, since I'm a night person anyway! Less traffic, good music, long empty roads, great lighting....need I say more!? :D

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08 Apr 2015 10:36

Looks very interesting. What colours in your terms have you shown on the pictures? We have mostly orange (or amber? I'd call it orange ;)) street lights where I live which is the Eastern Saxony, Germany.

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