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Development on version 2.x (Assets & General Improvements)

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12 Apr 2020 01:49

Map can't be real at all. You need to understand this.
id777 ;)

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20 Apr 2020 22:55

Would you erase the Esbjerg-UK Ferry route as they no longer do that IRL?

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21 Apr 2020 06:57

Well, they go between Esbjerg and Immingham. ... :ARK_DANIA
As I write this, it is traveling from Immingham, to Esbjerg. ... K_GERMANIA
And this one is currently traveling from Esbjerg to Immingham.
Yes I know, the harbour depicted is Hull's harbour, while these ships use the Immingham harbour "Grimsby".
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21 Apr 2020 11:36

Well, I do like the TV tower behind Alianz Arena, I dont think its that big of a deal.
I was always agains removing stuff, I prefer adding or upgrading. :)

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21 Apr 2020 15:55

This website has all of the current ferry routes in use across Europe. Hope this is useful.

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