Development on version 2.x (Southern Scandinavia)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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19 Dec 2015 10:43

Love the new look of the Scandinavia Section of Stockholm at the Port cant wait to go there Lets just hope that the rush hour doesn't come at the Port :lol: Nice work though
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19 Dec 2015 21:46

Will It be released soon, I think I read something abolut: 23th december, Will that be the relase date, Im really excited to the time when I can drive this masterwork

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19 Dec 2015 21:52

@TM Soon, but don't expect it to be released 2-4 days later, because some errors and other obstacles can 'destroy' any release date - giving a release would means more rush and lots if 'rage quits' by developers.
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19 Dec 2015 21:55

I haven't seen the team give a release date. I'm sure they would like to release it before Christmas but it depends how bug fixing goes. The forums have been pretty quiet from the developers so I'm sure they either working hard on getting this done or they're getting ready for Christmas. Then It'll be like boom there it is Promods 2.0

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20 Dec 2015 01:06

My family has to wait when ProMods 2.0 comes out before Christmas :lol:


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24 Dec 2015 16:17


We have had one release day in the past.

It went wrong...

... very wrong.

So we are not going to do that again ;)
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24 Dec 2015 17:45

@nico does it come before new years day?

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24 Dec 2015 17:46

It's ready when it's ready

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24 Dec 2015 17:46

Ehmm, so that means: Promods 2.0 not in this year?

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24 Dec 2015 17:47

There aim is this year.

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