Development on version 2.x (Southern Scandinavia)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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02 Jun 2015 22:33

Scania Demo Centre !!!
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03 Jun 2015 07:51

Nice, seems like a tight fit but you made it! :)
Also it would be nice to have a Scania dealer at Södertälje like there used to be so that we can buy our Scanias fresh from the factory. :lol:

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03 Jun 2015 09:22

Chris94_NOR wrote:
Blackbird wrote:About the ferry ports. I don't want to read the whole thread just for this, but will you re-add the way to drive on the ferry directly?
I am honestly disappointed SCS took the easy way out and just added the Ferry blip next to resting place :roll:
Driving on them was so cooool.
Not all DLC ferries are like that. You talk like you haven't drove through whole DLC Scandinavia.
And? I want all of them to be accessed like ProMods did it.
MistahDave wrote:Most you can't drive on the ferry. It made me sad too. SCS hyped up their ports so much, while they look pretty i'm kinda sad about the lack of interaction and ability to get onto the ferry at most of them,
HansTheTrucker wrote:MistahDave, I absolutely agree with you!
Glad I'm not only one. I was looking forward to driving on them since SCS showed them very prominently in the trailers.

So can I get confirmation from a dev pretty please?

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03 Jun 2015 12:48

The scania demo centre emergency call crash was actually fixed by SCS I think.

the problem was always that a prefab only can have 4 connecting points and the prefab needed 5 thus not being connected to the entering road :p
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03 Jun 2015 16:29

We are also working hard on the Denmark merge..

Scenery city, Silkeborg!

Near Silkeborg!
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03 Jun 2015 16:31

Great work!
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03 Jun 2015 16:40

The new road textures really add to the realism. Great work ;)
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03 Jun 2015 17:02

That looks brilliant!
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03 Jun 2015 17:14

Wonderful work! :D
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03 Jun 2015 17:16

Great work! Promods really improved this DLC!
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