Development on version 2.x (Southern Scandinavia)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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21 May 2015 22:40

What about going further North Trondheim Nordkaap and a little bit of Russia
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21 May 2015 22:41

Rocket455Man wrote: - Real Full Trailer Combination Driver -

Wanted to ask you earlier: You have write this sentence, I quoted, every time in your post. Why don't you put this sentence in your signage (you can manage in Control Panel)?
And then you don't need to write this every time, but this will seen after your post every time automatically. ;)
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21 May 2015 23:36

losevo58 wrote: The Easiest Solution!
To develop two versions of the card ProMods, one version for owners addon Scandinavia, the second in the normal mode without add-on for Scandinavia.
This is not the easiest solution.

We are using components, models and assets from the DLC in other parts of Europe. Maintaining 2 different versions slows down our pace so much that it is not practical.

Additionally, as you may have seen, only 1% of users have said that they will never buy the DLC. For us, that is a convincing result to make the DLC required.
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22 May 2015 14:10

MandelSoft wrote:You mean the bridge near Enköping? We'll try to see if it can fit somewhere. We love it too!
Ekolskrog and the Bridges, those looked quite nice. So it would be sad to lose those.
Would it be possible to relocate the crossing @ Enköping a bit closer to Västerås, to be able to fit Ekolskrog?

Söderledstunneln, road 73 could be used to connect to Nynäshamn?
Instead of dlc_north's E4 connection?

*pain in the ass mode* "sorry :) "
E18/E4 connection to Västerås/Uppsala from Stockholm.
Is there any place to place a similar crossing there as, the E4"E20"/75, from the dlc?

Or... If you ever do a road to Norrtälje, you could use the former E18/E4 connection "Enköpingsvägen, Bergshamravägen/E18" and skip the new E18/E4 double Y crossing and use the dlc E18/E4 crossing, but repositioned.

Trafikplats Kista, the new E18/E4 connection, the old is outside the rightbottom of the picture. ... pt2011.jpg
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22 May 2015 17:15

Are you going to include Karlstad again? I mean, I don't really get why SCS didn't included it in the DLC. It is by far the largest city in western Sweden!

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22 May 2015 19:00

Looking at SCS work and Scale (1.19),SCS probably just left it,just because....Maybe no room or stuff to it. Same is in other SCS countries - for ex : Netherlands,where is a lot large cities,but only Amsterdam,Rotterdam and other city presented only - they left a lot of cities - Eindhoven and more...In same case and Antwerpen too
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22 May 2015 20:14

is it possible to add the old Promods port in Sweden back to the map,because it did look the same as the real life Tallink Silja ferry port in Värtahamnen.


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22 May 2015 22:01

This is just awesome a merge of the Scandinavia an ProMods and Scandinavian DLC

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22 May 2015 22:13

Nissan, I would be surprised if Värtahamnen did not show up.
DeusHorizon, Karlstad? it should be able to fit. For me it looks as if SCS left space enough and even some access roads for it.
I think that even Skövde could fit in, but I could be wrong.

North of Aalborg, ProMods crossing E39/E45, that 1 I am worried about.
Maybe if they use road 55 and 35 at Hjørring to connect to road 11?
Could it give enough space for the ProMods crossing?
The orientation seems quite bad tho.

How it will be, we will see that in the future.
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22 May 2015 22:18

Why wouldn't Karlstad or Skövde fit in when it used to be in ProMods?
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