Development on version 2.x (Northern Scandinavia)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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08 Oct 2018 19:17

@SERB90 everything (at least everything what is planned) will be done at its time, please stay to the topic.
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09 Oct 2018 19:57

CptCaribbean wrote:
08 Oct 2018 10:51
That's always a developer's decision to decide which city he/she will make or not, but to be honest I don't think so because it's too close from Oslo (as you said).
Thanks for the response, I figured that would be the answer

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12 Dec 2018 11:29

Any progress been made here since 2.3x :lol: ?

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12 Dec 2018 12:35

The Developer will Show and tell something, when there's something to Show.
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14 Dec 2018 21:22

Will Kiruna be added any next update?

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14 Jan 2019 11:01

SERB90 wrote:
08 Oct 2018 18:11
It should be added Ukraine Russia Turkey :)
Are they in Northern Scandinavia? Scandinavia at general? Lol.

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17 Feb 2019 17:37

Thought it would be a good idea to post something, kind of forgot about the forum :lol:

I'm sure many of you know where this is (still some work to be done here on the panorama):

And here's another shot from a different part of the map. Any guesses where this may be?
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17 Feb 2019 19:02

Atlanterhavsveien or "Atlantic Ocean Road" :o
It looks very good. Been some time since we have saw some development in here.

That second shot looks like it is here, ... 6656?hl=no
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17 Feb 2019 22:02

Gosh, these look marvellous!
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17 Feb 2019 22:46

:o Oh my God! It looks great! I would kill myself for such skills in Map Editor!

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