Development on version 2.x (Northern Scandinavia)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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17 Jul 2015 19:55

your team has no equal! :shock: There are not only the north, there is the whole planet :D
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17 Jul 2015 20:08

Good luck with this project, i've been waiting for northern Europe for a while :)
About Gävle, will Trafikplats Gävle Västra be included in it's full glory? :)
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17 Jul 2015 20:27

It most definitely will! ;)
In fact, it's almost already completed but one part of it needs landscaping. I will post pictures of it when it's completed.
Image ProMods' Sweden plans and progress HERE
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17 Jul 2015 20:43

OMG. You are making Kiruna/Kiiruna in finnish. Nice!
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17 Jul 2015 21:25

Hello. Who are you again? :DDD

Seriously, I see you have 160 posts but I'm ashamed to say I have not noticed/noted you. We need proper introductions!!!

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17 Jul 2015 21:27

This looks great Ostpuff :D I'm glad that we will get northern Sweden. Can't wait for it to connect with northern Finland and parts of northern Norway :) Great start though!

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17 Jul 2015 21:52

Great! :)
This project will have how much cities , and do you build Northern Norway in future?
Greetings ;)

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17 Jul 2015 22:42

It's been a long time but finally ProMods is expanding north again! I can't wait to see the progression of this project :)

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17 Jul 2015 22:50

Looking forward to this. Looks great so far. I am so happy Kiruna will be made aswell :) Will be a nice connection if northern Norway is coming. I went into problems to try working on northern Norway. Good luck, Ostpuff on northern Sweden :D
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17 Jul 2015 23:01

Aka in swedish lycka till!
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