Development on version 2.x (Northern Scandinavia)

Here we will update you with the latest progress.
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26 Dec 2019 04:31

Callum is working on the Black Sea borders and also in Rovaniemi. Not Norway for the moment.
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02 Feb 2020 20:39

will the swedish cities Boden or Lulea be added ??

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02 Feb 2020 20:47

That question is probably better to be asked in the Northern Scandinavia development topic.. But, to answer your question, Luleå is in the process of being built and Boden is not planned to be built (according to Ostpuff's plan, found on page 1 of the aforementioned topic).
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03 Feb 2020 06:27

xxx_gambler wrote:
02 Feb 2020 20:39
will the swedish cities Boden or Lulea be added ??
Luleå is already underway for next release, finished also by myself, due of reason, that nobody worked on it.
I didn’t get to Boden yet, I’m currently working on Saaremaa island, Estonia.

P.S Moderators, please move these last 3 posts to Northern Scandinavia topic.
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03 Feb 2020 15:35

Nice! Looking forward! :)

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03 Feb 2020 15:48

@ScuL how's your guy?
I am not asking because I seek any development or something.
Health is the most important thing in life. I hope he is getting better. :)

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03 Feb 2020 19:39

Vladzz-G, will be interesting to see how Luleå is ingame :)
Boden, it is quite close to Luleå, maybe scenery only?
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01 Mar 2020 18:56

Good evening all of you modders! Please forgive me for my questions but iAm new here so I wonder
What do I need to create a new city in ets2? I want to help you to create the city in Sweden called (S) Kristianstad is that possible??? because I am here at the moment at my girlfriends home city .or maybe I can help to create it? I am thankful for all the help! Have a nice weekend! And keep on doing a great job! /Robert Sjöstrand in Sweden 2020

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01 Mar 2020 20:00

@djrsLIVE2020 Kristianstad is already included in promods but yes, of course, you can try to create your own cities. There are many tutorials for how do do this and if you follow a tutorial made for American truck it will be the same in euro truck. One I would recommend to look at is this one ... B6VkE/view . This is the wrong topic to ask for mapping help so if you have any other questions I would advise you to post theam viewforum.php?f=36

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06 Apr 2020 16:23

If theres any work on upgrading northern sweden Im happily can assist with local information about the area, im living close to Umeå wich at the moment have a huge rebuild of the road network

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