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[Fixed] [#3289] invisible wall in warehouse at Toulouse

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13 Jul 2016 20:14

Hello Promods Team

I have this issue at (sec-0011+0008);-41170.5;21.2756;34258.5

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13 Jul 2016 22:04

Confirmed! There are a couple invisible collision fields in the Mazet company yard in Toulouse, France.

A picture of the collision fields (green wireframe boxes):

The collision fields are associated with the company prefab. I believe when the prefab was created, it was initially copied from a prefab that had some shipping crates at the location. The graphic of the crates were removed for this prefab, but the collision fields were not updated. There are a few instances of this prefab throughout the ProMods map, one of them being the Mazet company in Irún, Spain. The company prefab in Irun was reported to have this problem back in ProMods 2.00: [#3289][2.0]invisable wall. The issue is marked fixed in our bug tracking system but obviously the problem still exists in ProMods releases, so I suspect the fix has not yet been copied into the ProMods production builds. I will investigate this further.

Thanks for your report. A tip for the future, please include the ProMods version in your post title as explained here: How to report a bug (Important).

EDIT [2016-July-22]: I have submitted a new report to our bug tracking system, bug #4922. It includes this problem and a few other problems from the same prefab model. We shall see what the ProMods developers say about it.

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17 Oct 2018 13:24

Fixed in 2.10.

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