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[Fixed] Lyon to Toulouse - ai traffic wheel no touch floor (flying)

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13 Jul 2016 23:38


Sorry I can't insert screenshots because the issue was quick and I can't got time to press printscreen. :oops:

I saw twice the ai car 'flying" when change the way in front of me few secs before these coordinates.


now, my keyboard is closer to me. :shock:

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14 Jul 2016 18:45

You can use shift+F11 to get a screenshot along with coordinates :)
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14 Jul 2016 19:10

Theosz wrote:I saw twice the ai car 'flying" when change the way in front of me few secs before these coordinates.
I was checking those locations, and I was about to give up when I saw it! A car was floating above the ground while changing lanes. I was using only ProMods 2.03.


Some data that I have gathered while studying this issue:
  • The vehicles only float above the road surface when changing lanes. Vehicles that stay in one lane properly follow the road surface.
  • I think it has something to do with the incline of the road segment.
  • I saw both cars and buses floating. A.I. trucks do not change lanes very often, so they will be harder to verify.
  • It did not matter if the lane change was to the left or to the right.
Given that this is just a road segment in the map (opposed to something more complex like a road prefab), I do not think this is a problem specific to ProMods - I think this could happen in the SCS base game map too (no mods loaded).

I was able to find a report on the SCS forum which I think is the same problem:
Flying cars?
Unfortunately I do not see any acknowledgement of the problem from the SCS staff. If you can duplicate the problem in the game without any mods loaded, you might try reporting the issue to SCS on their forum.

For the future, please remember when reporting bugs on this forum to include the ProMods version in your report title as specified in the bug reporting procedure: How to report a bug (Important)
Volleybal4life wrote:You can use shift+F11 to get a screenshot along with coordinates :)
The game log shows that screenshots were being taken, but this issue occurs so quickly it would be nearly impossible to get a good screenshot while driving. I had to use the "warp" command to slow down the action and use the developer camera to get a good picture.

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14 Jul 2016 19:17

seen this all over the maps... and in ATS aswell (more visible in every off-ramp there's a dip...
every AI driving there floats above the road a small distance)

I just look away ;)
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04 Aug 2019 12:22


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