[Fixed] (2.17) missing Border service area B/NL on E34/A67

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01 Aug 2017 12:28

Hi guys,

I notice a missing service station on the B/NL border area on E34/A67.

On the Road sign indicating the area there is an Hotel sign (so sleep spot) and a fuel pump (so refuel spot).

I've reported it becouse it seems a bag to me but i don't know if it is intended.

; [01/08/2017 12:06] (sec-0005-0002);-18379.7;35.439;-5270.27;2.13897;-0.124356

Thank you

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02 Aug 2017 13:53

I believe this is intended to be a service station that is "under construction" in-game, to make the game feel more realistic. this is also on Vanilla ETS2

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18 Oct 2018 19:31

It's there now
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