[Fixed] [2.20] Broadford, misplaced objects/Keith, no sign

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10 Sep 2017 13:26


I have no idea what's going on here, but it definitely doesn't look correct...

I don't know if this is intended behavior, but the main road pavements, which has a black appearance, don't match the intersection pavements, which has a more cobble look...?

Something else worth mentioning: The unmarked town of Keith is missing an entrance sign (I think?)
West Entrance does: (sec-0011-0015);-41356.3;48.6137;-58062.8;-1.14144;-0.201522
East Entrance however does not: (sec-0011-0015);-40914.6;45.3028;-58001.8;0.45973;-0.195771

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10 Sep 2017 21:07

The first two bugs are now fixed. I'll leave the third one, as the pavements are asphalt to match the real ones, but that option is not available on the cross prefabs.

I will add another sign to the other side of Keith, but that area is currently WIP, so won't appear any time soon ;)

Thanks for the report!
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16 Jun 2018 12:15

Fixed in WIP
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