[Fixed] [#14145] [2.43] Invisible Wall in Rotterdam

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16 Dec 2019 12:32

as you are approaching Rotterdam in the tunnel there is a invisible wall which wont allow you to go forwards or backwards are you aware here is a video to show what i mean https://medal.tv/clips/13072990/d1337FpbH84x

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16 Dec 2019 12:44


this bug is already known:

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29 Dec 2019 13:18

Hi guys, at Rotterdam when you exit A15 and enter a tunnel there is something blocking the way... The road looks clear but then the truck hit something like an invisible wall inside the tunnel...

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29 Dec 2019 13:22

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29 Dec 2019 17:19

Perhaps it needs to be added to the list of known bugs?
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01 Jan 2020 00:52

Hi there,

I encountered an "invisible wall" in the Beneluxtunnel on the A4 between Amsterdam and Rotterdam (NL) this evening.
Both lanes Amsterdam -> Rotterdam and Rotterdam -> Amsterdam are affected.

While driving through the tunnel at one point the truck crashes against an invisible wall and bounces back. AI traffic drives through normally.
It´s not possible to proceed at this point

ETS 2 latest version with ProMods 2.43. No other Map-Mods are used.

Greetings and a happy new year!

I have a BIG garage in rotterdam underneath the tunnel leads!

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01 Jan 2020 17:18

Fixed in WIP
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02 Jan 2020 21:25

Hey guys,

Today i departed from my garage in Rotterdam and was on the A4 entering the tunnel in Rotterdam, when suddenly i crashed, on both lanes a invissible wall, precise under your Rotterdam garage.

Kind Regards,


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15 Jan 2020 15:11

heading for the ferry at Rotterdam heading from Amsterdam went to pass through the underpass below Rotterdam and there is an invisible wall stopping me from passing through have posted a video too heres the link https://youtu.be/Kd1ohjZZqqc

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19 Jan 2020 15:44

hello im maus sorry for the bad english and lack of the right information you guy's need to find the correct place and problem i try to make it as clear as i posible can with the things i do can

there is a invisible wall in the highway tunnel linking rotterdam and amsterdam (Netherland) it's right below the ownable garage in rotterdam it's in both directions

im sorry for not including for all the information you ask for as cordinates and game log im not mentaly capeble to understand what i need to do and how i hope that it's good enough to find and troubleshoot the problem

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