[Fixed] [#14145] [2.43] Invisible Wall in Rotterdam

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24 Jan 2020 03:56

So i was driving on Promods in the MP server when all of a sudden i was stopped by an invisible wall while driving through a tunnel (see video below)

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25 Jan 2020 16:21


I cannot use tunnel northbound in Rotterdam. Invisible wall is situated just underneath Rotterdam garage/office

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26 Jan 2020 23:10

When i drive through the tunnel in Rotterdam then halfway the truck stops as if you drive against a invisible wall, i had the problem from both sides.


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31 Jan 2020 14:38

In the tunnel from Rotterdam towards Amsterdam there is a invisible wall.
can't find the error log (i'm not that good with such things)

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31 Jan 2020 15:56

Known bug #14145. Will get fixed in a future update. Anyways, thanks for your report!
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31 Jan 2020 23:56

Hello I have a question somebody knows why it is that both in the SP and in the MP at the Promods between Rotterdam and Amsterdam is an invisible wall can someone help me



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01 Feb 2020 00:51

It's a bug which will be fixed in the next version. Please, read the forum first, before you write a post.
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04 Feb 2020 22:06

invisible wall in Rotterdam tunnel
invisible wall in Rotterdam tunnel
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09 Feb 2020 17:22

Dear Promod,

I just bought your mod and within 2 minutes I already hit a wall that goes through the Rotterdam tunnel.

I have already read in your forum that this occurs more often at different tunnels.
I have paid money for this and expect this to be resolved soon.

this is not a reproach but a problem that you can solve as the best I think.

Please help me.

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