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[2.43] Invisible Wall nearby Milan

Posted: 05 Jan 2020 12:15
by ederksrc
Invisible wall, north of Milan, entering the tunnel for the "Transporti Mediterraneo"

invisible wall ;[05/01/2020 07:59] (sec-0002+0006);-6329.31;44.7573;27773.1;1.10505;-0.047822

I tried to go in the wrong way too, but it's also blocked. It's impossible to complete the job.

Re: [Fixed] [#20914] Invisible wall Bug

Posted: 05 Jan 2020 12:17
by Trucker2223
This bug has been already fixed in WIP. The fix should appear in the next version.

Invisible wall in Milano North

Posted: 06 Jan 2020 15:24
by eltarsilence
Hello guys, I just discovered ProMods... what a magnificent work you've done.

I just want to let you know you may have forgot an invisible wall in a road near Milan, as shown in the picture:

When the road becomes gray, that's because I couldn't go any further. This is quite bad even because in that point the road's width quite surely's narrower than the whole truck composition, making impossible even making an U-turn to find an alternative route.

PS: Later on, I tried also coming from the opposite way (from the company to the south) but the wall was still there.

The invisible wall's right at the entry of the tunnel.

Thanks in advance for your work.

Italy - Mailane - Invisible wall on the road

Posted: 11 Jan 2020 09:13
by darksywall
I would like to report an error that occurred while trying to finish a job in italy.
On the screenshots you can see the street where this invisible wall blocks the access to the delivery location. The wall is in the tunnel, both sides of the road are affected.
I would like to ask for the error to be corrected.


[2.43] Invisible wall in tunnel (near Milan)

Posted: 06 Feb 2020 00:46
by Darkcaptain
Invisible wall in tunnel (near Milan)



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Milan ;[06/02/2020 00:37] (sec-0002+0006);-6311.4;44.861;27765.4;1.09882;-0.0924795

Re: [2.43] Invisible wall in tunnel (near Milan)

Posted: 06 Feb 2020 06:40
by scan720
Already known

Invisible Wall in the North of Milan

Posted: 06 Feb 2020 15:59
by Lerusius

I´ve found an invisible Wall in the North of Milan. The wall is in the entrance to the tunnel on the highway near the company: " Transport Mediteranne" I cannot drive around this wall to get to the company.


Hinzugefügt nach 41 Minuten 32 Sekunden:
Edit! I hope that's the coordinates: -6328.01;44.7403;27757.3;1.17516;-0.133022

Hinzugefügt nach 3 Minuten 57 Sekunden:
Version of Promods: 2.43

Tunel just before Milano..

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 09:55
by Piciuch
Hello guys, just been enjoying Promods for years without any bigger issues.. Curently, pulling a freight into Milano from Warsaw, everything been good and smooth until i reached the tunel just before Milano, there seem to be some invisible wall or smth, but it stops only the Player truck, Ai can go by . I think it some issues with Promods, as i have been traveling few thousand of kilometers without any issues with that MB MP4 Rework mod. Any of you facing this problem also?

Anyways great job and keep that up !

Invisible walls near Milano

Posted: 09 Feb 2020 15:01
by dragosm92
so , i was going to pick up my cargo and i found this 2 invisible walls on the road . I attached a SS from my location .
Really hope this can be fixed :D


Turim Tunel bloqued

Posted: 18 Feb 2020 00:55
by kangopt
I had a job to Cinisello Balsano in Turin, and in the tunel near de comnpany i was bloqued in the begining of the tunel to Milano - Sesto S. Giovani/Lecco - Monza > Cinisello Balsamo.
The truck does not pass the begining of the tunel. I can't finish my job, thisa is the only way to get to the firm.