[Fixed] [#20914] Milano Invisible wall Bug

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Rudi Raser
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18 Feb 2020 01:06

this issue is reported already, and will be fixed in the next ProMods version.
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22 Feb 2020 10:31

Does anybody else facing issue here in North of Milano in this tunnel???


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27 Feb 2020 20:22

I was driving south, heading my target in "Milano" when I came across this road blocked, I tried to avoid it, even wrong hand driving. Evidence-->

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05 Mar 2020 20:31

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11 Mar 2020 15:12

In city of Milan transporti mediterraneo is imbossible to reach because invisible wall on the on the tunnel and it is only road to get there

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17 Mar 2020 03:45

Hit an invisible wall compeletly block the tunnel.


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Invisible wall ;[17/03/2020 10:11] (sec-0002+0006);-6326.86;44.6178;27755.1;0.945789;-0.462579


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21 Mar 2020 17:29

Hi there,

Has anyone else had the problem of an invisible wall blocking the entrance to the tunnel leading to the Transporti Mediterraneo depot on the outskirts of Milan?
I'm on a job and the tunnel is the only way in and out. I've even tried the other carriageway (against traffic) and it's the same there too.


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21 Mar 2020 17:48

This issue has already been reported (multiple times - please look at this topic: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=32367)
It has been since been fixed for the next version.
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Rudi Raser
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21 Mar 2020 17:50

and here is a fix for it: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=32807
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21 Mar 2020 23:53

I've found a possible invisible wall at A4 near Mailand in Italy.

Here's a picture of my truck stuck at the wall: Image

Here's a picture of the map: Image

AI can drive trough but player crashes into the wall.

Coordinates: (sec-0002+0006);-6330.36;43.9688;27758;-0.228658;-0.274703

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