[Fixed] [#433] [1.80] Dijon, wrong prefab

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22 Nov 2014 19:52

Hi, near Dijon there is a section of the road with left-hand traffic. I had a frontal impact from oncoming car at this area because it unexpectedly teleported on oncoming traffic lane :)


This place on the map:


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02 Dec 2014 11:55

(generated to bugs.txt - just watch the cars)
[02/12/2014 21:00] (sec-0006+0004);-21679.1;59.4666;17042.7
Returning to the right side
ets2_00531.png (153.05 KiB) Viewed 1232 times
Have other pictures if need be, this is an AI car returning to the correct side.....but they all go to the wrong side (and put big dents in my truck). (other shots apparently make post too big)
Took ProMods addons off and the problem went away.....

Gamelog not included - apparently that makes the post too big.

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02 Dec 2014 17:26

This bug was already reported and should be fixed in upcoming 1.81 :)

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