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[Fixed] France, game crash

Posted: 27 Nov 2014 18:13
by Volleybal4life
There I was, driving across newly modded France. Until, suddenly, a crash occurred!! :o

It was at this hotel, when I go closer to it then what I am now. My game will crash.


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This is the hotel which causes the crash. ; [27/11/2014  18:10] (sec-0009+0005);-35526.7;34.7397;21390.4
Game.log after long run.
Game.log after short run. (Luckily my game auto-saved just before he crashed)
Game.log with only Promods enabled

Re: Game crash in France (Near, not yet avaiable, Clermont)

Posted: 27 Nov 2014 19:05
by Nico
Fixed ;)