[Fixed] [1.90] Limoges, no toll icon

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26 Mar 2015 19:29

This is where it's at on the map where my truck is:
This is what happens:
Basically it doesn't let me pay the Toll Road since there is no green icon to do so...

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Jan Verschueren
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26 Mar 2015 19:33

Upgrade to v1.91.
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27 Mar 2015 10:44

Correction File: unit / hookup / tollgate.sii not fix this problem?
tollgate: tollgate.france.10eur // tollgate.tollgate.france.10eur
tollgate: tollgate.tollgate.france.16eur // tollgate.tollgate.france.16eur

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29 Mar 2015 10:30

Fixed in 1.91
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