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I've come across the problem that the exit and access lanes are often considered as normal lanes and cars, trucks and buses uses them even for a second. They indicate right and almost on the lane they use both to indicate that are going to get on the lane and right afterwards back on the normal right lane.

Also when cars are at the access lane, they often force stop the right and sometimes middle / left lane so a traffic jam appears or you get a fine as they drive into you while you pass the access lane.

Here is a picture of one of those incidents:

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30 Dec 2015 23:27

Yes, I've also noticed it... For example on the road to Sundsvall, where the road becomes 2-lane many times. AI takes left lane, then right, then sometimes left again :D
Or a moment ago in Romania, when some AI were taking the right lane when it appeared, then back to middle...
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I have two idea's how this can happen:
1) The access / exit lanes are too long and therefore the AI thinks they are normal lanes
2) They are not marked as those during creation of the lanes

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31 Dec 2015 10:02

Its like some AI cars can suddenly appear causing accidents and acting weird at what looks to be like some kind of intersection.


Happens at that intersection next to my mouse pointer..

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31 Dec 2015 10:08

We can't set a flag on lane types on continuous road sections, and therefore, we can't really prevent this behaviour. If only there was some kind of way that the AI may only change lanes once when block markings appear...
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27 Oct 2018 09:48

not fixable. SCS bug
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