[2.10] Invisible wall near Leipzig

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20 Aug 2016 21:53

I encountered a bug near Leipzig driving from Frankfurt. I did not follow the GPS near Leipzig. because the GPS Road joins the Freeway again after getting off the Freeway just to pass some Traffic Light. I stayed on the Freeway. Suddenly with 80 kmh I drove through something and a beep followed and I could not uncouple the Trailer in Leipzig.

Anyway, I switched back to 2.03 after anotheer wall south of Strassbourg. (Known Bug)

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21 Aug 2016 13:55

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21 Aug 2016 17:57

I read this before I posted, but it was already to late. The exact Location I don't know exactly. The Target was already visible. It was very close to Leipzig, off the A9 second exit to Leipzig. I loaded the autosave but the same crash happened at the same spot - then my autosave was gone. It was my first bug I encountered. Next time I'll handle it different.

I reinstalled 2.10. It was where the arrow is approximately but I stayed on the A14 and did not take the bypass.

The problem with uncoupling the trailer was probably the known Bauhaus Bug. I still don't know what happened on A14 with this beep. The two incidents were most probably by coicidance an not a wall.
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07 Mar 2019 11:52

Not a bug

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