[2.26] Toll fence drop down before passing on A7, France.

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07 May 2018 01:12

This happened when I was doing online job.
And it is not my first time passing here. But as I pay and gonna pass it the fence dropped down.

[06/05/2018 19:33] (sec-0007+0008);-24299.1;37.9217;35873.7;2.83318;-0.28659

Just in doubt could that be online job problem?

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07 May 2018 18:42

In general it's unsure to drive wot-missions in combination with map mods because when there's a difference in contrast to the default map, wot can't synchronise your location with the database and that can cause that you can't finish your mission or that you can't enter certain points where wot wants to synchronise.
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08 May 2018 10:11

Oh, thanks for sharing. I should consider the risk before taking the online mission.
I know the best way to avoid the problem is that not to do it anyway.
But sometimes the missions are too distant that I would try online missions to search for some short range missions.

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