[2.33] Slow Ai Cars

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05 Mar 2019 04:21

Slow Ai ;[05/03/2019 03:07] (sec+0008-0022);33601.4;16.5802;-86640.2;1.76061;-0.356938
Speed Limit for cars show 110 km/h but all cars go 68 km/h or slower, some parts of the E4 (between Sundsvall [Swe] and Tornio [Fin]) cars go 68 and others where they go 110. dont know why.

in this image i slowed down to them and then speed up and the car is going 68 km/h

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06 Mar 2019 05:10

This can happen sometimes, it's how SCS made it that AI Vehicles don't drive everytime at Max Speed, we can't change there anything and it also happens everywehre where AI doesn't drive the speed limit.
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