[2.33] Slow AI traffic in Sweden

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23 Mar 2019 14:45

I've noticed this on the E4 from Stockholm to Haparanda, on sections of the road where the speed limit is greater than 70 kph the AI traffic still sticks to a speed between 60 and 70 kph. I've got no cooradinates attached because it affects the whole stretch of the E4 through northern Sweden

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23 Mar 2019 15:00


please read How to report a bug.
Your coordinates are missing.

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23 Mar 2019 15:05

I can't confirmed without a picture or a video.

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24 Mar 2019 19:57

I don't really see a problem here. It's a Speed limit not a minimum speed. IRL People don't always drive the Speed limit too. This is made by SCS on purpose and we can't change it anyways.
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