[2.33] Service Point isn´t usable in Ełk (Service) (PL)

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06 Apr 2019 10:56

:idea: 1. The gate to the service is not opening.
2. If you teleport (via F7) you get stuck in the model

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Service Point isn´t usable in Ełk (Service) (PL) ;[06/04/2019 11:55] (sec+0010-0005);41024.5;60.8905;-18664;2.86562;-0.294003
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06 Apr 2019 10:58

according to the devs this repair shop isn't meant to be used, so this is on purpose:
It doesn't require any changes, as you should only enter the service point via entrance behind the garage. You also cannot go there, because of the ramp, which makes the service point inaccessible for the truck through the garage door that is shown, due of its height.
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