[2.40] Bugs in Vienna

This is where topics get moved that aren't caused by bugs in our mod
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28 Apr 2019 12:41

I encountered bugs in Vienna, it is about where the signposts are hung.

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bug ;[28/04/2019 13:30] (sec+0005+0003);20850;56.5702;13665;2.26073;0.448697

I hope to repair bugs located in the City of Vienna.
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28 Apr 2019 12:56


those signs will you find also IRL.
Not a Bug.
Here is an example:

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28 Apr 2019 15:16

@jacek4 Please make shure,that bugs you report to here are real bugs and nothing else.
Bugs will be fixed,if they are from the Pm map and not from any other mod or nothing like that.


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