Map cities are misplaced - especially in Greece (PM ver.2.40)

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02 May 2019 23:00

As title says it all:
Whenever I check for jobs (especially in Greece) it causes me a ...déjà vu to see Igoumenitsa in sea depths below Corfu (pls check attached picture)!
FYI the game is bought from online trading platform & no other mods currently applied.
Any workaround/fixes would be really appreciated.

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03 May 2019 01:14

It's a matter of scale. Promods have to use the space in favour of a better mod. If you see over Promods map, especially in Spain there is a lot of cities misplaced in the sea.
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03 May 2019 04:03

Everything correct here, it's impossible to get everything in the perfect spot.
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