[2.42] 3 bugs in one thread in Bilbao (Spain)

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18 Oct 2019 13:56

Since it was the same travel and 3 bugs next to each other I report all of them in 1 thread.

The first bug is AI permeate each other:

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coords: [18/10/2019 14:18] (sec-0015+0008);-57532.2;17.9311;34623.2;-0.452385;-0.158575 

The second and the third bugs are together in the same place, gates don't trigger and never open (tried 3 of them, they only trigger for AI) and trafficlights are invisibile.

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coords: [18/10/2019 14:41] (sec-0012+0011);-46610.8;115.992;47157.3;1.56399;-0.219721


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18 Oct 2019 14:40

Since this area is under rebuilt in WIP, the bugs are not fixable. Thanks for your report anyways.
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