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1.17.1 crash on load with promods 1.91 and v191-patch_compat

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08 May 2015 04:54

00:02:13.349 : Mounting extra package: C:/Users/MHL 2142/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/promods-def-v191.scs
00:02:13.372 : [zipfs] promods-def-v191.scs: read ok, 2623 entries [0xd7b81c8b]

00:02:13.372 : Mounting extra package: C:/Users/MHL 2142/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/z_promods-v191-patch_compatibility_117.scs
00:02:13.388 : [zipfs] z_promods-v191-patch_compatibility_117.scs: read ok, 1529 entries [0x6516a9a]

Only other mods loaded are SCS' "Going East", "High Power Cargo", and "Fantasy Paint Jobs"

Also many references to obsolete attributes and missing prefab desriptors.

Also, "upload attachment" does not accept game.log.txt.

Last few lines:

00:02:23.558 : <WARNING> Ignoring obsolete attribute 'lod_anims' of unit 'mover.wlk_test' (of type 'mover_model').
00:02:23.570 : Loading ferry data ....
00:02:23.587 : Loading country data ....
00:02:23.609 : Loading sound item data ....
00:02:23.620 : Loading live stream data ....
00:02:23.637 : Loading game condition data ....
00:02:23.653 : Loading trigger action data ....
00:02:23.670 : Loading cutscene data ....
00:02:23.778 : Loading cargo data ....
00:02:23.795 : Loading company data ....
00:02:23.907 : <WARNING> Ignoring obsolete attribute 'default_truck_front_wheels' of unit '' (of type 'game_data').
00:02:23.907 : <WARNING> Ignoring obsolete attribute 'default_truck_rear_wheels' of unit '' (of type 'game_data').
00:02:23.917 : Resources load time: 988ms (180 MB)
00:02:23.932 : Map '/map/europe.mbd' loading started ....


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08 May 2015 07:50

Do you have all the necessary promods files? In addition to those 2 you wrote, you also need

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08 May 2015 10:07

Correct. You should have 4 ProMods files in your mod folder.

@ fphlpsnrg: Regarding game.log.txt posting, please read the following:
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10 May 2015 23:56

Definitely my bad.


Thanks for all the responses to my post.

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28 Jun 2019 10:06

not a bug

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