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Game Crashing version 1.96

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10 Aug 2015 17:05

Help please: have downloaded newest version of ets2 and promods version 1.96 and Poland rebuilding I have both DLC's installed but my game still keeps crashing I have the 3 promods icons light up in mod manager but says all four promods packages to be installed which is the fourth package ??? I also have Poland rebuilding believing to be the fourth ?????? But still not working


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10 Aug 2015 17:10

Have you downloaded the def file? It's the first step of the download.
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10 Aug 2015 17:24

Wow...Calm down...

Please follow the installation of ProMods 1.96 -

It'll help to fix your problems, because you should have download 7 parts and 1 def file and have 4 files in total! def, map, model and v...

Author of the Poland Rebuilding released a new version of his map before merging to ProMods 2.0, to fix any game-breaking stuff between the mods... - ... lit=Poland

...and hopefully you are good to go!

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10 Aug 2015 17:54

Sorted now working thanks for assistance

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